Cleveland woodcut ink prints to honor iconic trees

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Cleveland woodcut ink prints to honor iconic trees. 

The trees in Northern Ohio have a story to share. I preserve the memory of these living legacies in a way that honors the past and leaves a footprint for the future. A portion of the proceeds funds rebuilding the local tree canopy. 


Works from Diane Quimper-Balliett


Through art and design, traditional woodcut relief printing brings to life the history of these iconic trees in an imperfect and striking balance that catalogs nature through art.

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honoring icons

Moses Cleaveland Trees

Moses Cleaveland landed at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River on July 22, 1796, about 225 years ago. In the mid-1940s, 150 Moses Cleaveland (MC) trees were selected throughout Cuyahoga county to commemorate the founding of our city. 


Age, infection, disease, and development have caused many of these trees to be lost over the years. In August 2020, the MC tree in front of Roosevelt Elementary School in Lakewood was removed as much of it was dying and in decay. Generations of residents remembered their connections to this tree throughout their grade school journeys.


A limited number of woodcut relief ink prints have been crafted from this tree’s remnants. A portion of the proceeds goes to fund rebuilding the tree canopy in our urban areas. 


Our plan is to align with the decline of each MC tree so that we can plant the future by paying tribute to their history. Over time, there will be more that come down – let’s make them stand for something. 

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Other Iconic Trees

A white oak in Bay Village, known as The Grand Abby Oak, was estimated at 350-400 years old at the time it came down in the spring of 2021. The Grand Abby Oak is not designated as a Moses Cleaveland tree, however, it would have been present at the time Cleveland was founded (225 years ago) based on its age. 



Tree Memorials

Trees offer special memories and personal significance. If you have a tree you are losing and want to preserve its memory, contact me for inquiries. 

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